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The eight sociological aspects of contemporary, complex reality that inform the construction
of individual life-smart rafts.

'We face a life skills crisis ...
Much is being made these days of the need to boost academic achievement.

In reality ... the need to boost academic achievement runs a distant second to the need to boost life skills.'

Dr Spencer Kagan

The traditional 'raft' is designed for linear progression and competition.

Just as a wooden raft is constructed of separate and parallel-positioned logs, the 20th century education set of life skills was assembled with symbolic systems, facts and techniques.

These were established by traditional academic disciplines such as mathematics, language, science, technology, social studies, arts and physical education.

These standardised rafts served as a platform for students to enter professional life. The higher the educational achievement, the better the raft could carry an individual along a relatively stable life-stream—sometimes never changing direction.


Skills Every Child Will Need to Succeed in 21st Century

Dr Laura A. Jana | TEDxChandigarh

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The life-smart raft of Ripples education is designed:
• for
multi-directional use

• to be adaptable for  life's ongoing changes

• to promote and facilitate collaboration

John D. Couch
& Jason Towne


Andrew Hacker


Tony Wagner &

Ted Dintersmith


Todd Rose


Howard Gardner




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20th century

Repertoire of life skills –

the raft metaphor

21st century

The individual life-smart-rafts are constructed of:

  • Individual genetic predispositions and psychological traits
  • Individual curiosity, talents, abilities and grit
  • Acquired academic and experiential knowledge and belief systems
  • Modern technology skills which allows the user to successfully navigate
    in contemporary living conditions

From competition
to collaboration

Growing requirement

for self-reliance to strive

in rapidly changing



Declining availability

of job-providing




and digitisation


cognition enmesh

World-wide integration

with the emergence of

a global citizenship
and digital democracy


the limit of nature's


Blending of



Living in
a simulacrum