Knowing with New Media



In the Ripples model for knowing, multimodality is defined through
the principle of reconnectivity.

It is not a remix where pieces of existing information and media are sampled from the Internet and reconstructed in a new way.

Multimodality in the Ripples follows the logic of deep remixability; that is, a deep reconnection of the self-world — an umwelt with natural and social environments through the application of cultural tools and strategies.

The privatisation and affordances of the technological means of knowing facilitates image-, audio- and video-recording directly from life, turning the knower into a conscious observer; one who collects data from their own active participation in the surrounding world. Here, the logic of deep remixability activates such circularities as bodily psychological, abstract concrete, textual symbolic and physical digital in unique, individual ways.

This creates an opportunity for the development of hybridised systems of language where the knower participates in an act of hermeneutic (individual interpretation) and testimonial justice. It assists in gain
to  'individual shortcomings' and one that appreciates the invention
of unique ways of interpreting and sharing experiences with others.

 Multimodality, in the Ripples and by the virtue of reconnectivity,
is not an exclusively digital practice. It is a dynamic ripplework of natural, social and man-constructed forces and objects, from the participation and interaction with which every student is given an equal opportunity to succeed.

Tracey Bowen &
Carl Whithouse


Bill Cope &
Mary Kalantzis


Gunther Kress


Jeff Bezemer
& Gunther Kress


Engaging with deep remixability, students develop their own system of alphabetic and non-alphabetic semiotics. They self-collect data from their immediate environment, organise it in meaningful representational formats, discovering new connections and establishing new significations.

The students develop their own system of unique multimodal communicational skills, which are not only enjoyable but valid and adaptive for sharing and constructing meaning together with others.




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