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Representing Meaning-making

Tacit Explicit knowledge


If cinematic writing is a Ripples' semiotic resource for representing meaning-making, bricolage is the methodology for collecting, organising, analysing and manipulating the multimodal data with which the representation of meaning-making is performed. In bricolage, the knower-bricoleur assumes an idiosyncratic type of behaviour assembling a distinct repertoire of communication through the production of cinematic writing.
The personalised possession of mobile digital devices, that are always 'at hand', denotes methodological practices 'based on notions
of eclecticism, emergent design, flexibility and plurality' (Rogers, 2012).
The status of privatised knowledge-tools catalyses the cultivation of individual agency; actuating the conditions in which the knower reconnects themselves with natural and socio-cultural surroundings through direct observations and the gathering of data in a way that is free from standardised patterns.

The Ripples' bricolage engenders behaviour that is specific to an individual knower. Through this, they develop an understanding of how their distinctive personal characteristics can benefit them in their future and build a set of life-smart skills to strive in the constantly changing world.

The Ripples model sees personal digital spaces as multimodal detective walls that communicate the process of investigation. These spaces are akin to metamovies, in which the dialogue between unconscious mind conscious thought is realised through a representation of tacit explicit circularity.

The cinematographic term mise-en-scene, which refers to literally everything that has been put into the scene (Sikov, 2010), is converted in the Ripples' bricolage into the term 'bricoles'. These refer to aspects of cinematic writing such as: alphabetic text(s), photos, drawings, shapes, colours, generated graphics, recorded audio-video fragments, animations and interactive components.

'We are embedded in the great evolutionary story of planet Earth,
the spare, elegant process of mutation and selection and bricolage.'

Goodenough, 1998

Matt Rogers


Ed Sikov


The individual’s inventiveness in generating and organising the learning project, that is 'bricolaging' , is a bridge between experiencing life and representing meaning-making circularity. In this case, bricolage becomes a regulation system within a dialectical interplay between lived experience and its abstract symbolisation. That is divergence convergence circulation.

In the Ripples, the embodiment and communication of experience is realised by means of cinematic writing, while bricolage is
an inventive way of organising and regulating the process. It is an ever-emerging methodology of smart and prompt tackling of a new situation by using individual resources and the privatised technology of knowing.



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